Happy April 2016!
Some updates in BORCA country:
1. CRANKy KIDS Bike Camp is hosting their registration this Saturday at the Beachburg Arena. Visit Tim & Sarah at reg and join the group for more details. 
2. Whitewater News wrote a great article about a partnership betweenALGONQUIN COLLEGE PEMBROKE and BORCA/Little Lakes enhancement. Check it out! http://www.whitewaternews.ca/index.php…
3. It's Pitch-In Week from April 17-23. Let's all take some time this week and clean up a section of ditch in our own backyard. www.pitch-in.ca/
4. Spring-like conditions means soft trails. Please be considerate and refrain from rutting the singletrack. If you leave a rut, don't ride. Lots of gravel roads to get the base miles in!


Happy Trails :)

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